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Stress advice

Duncan's meditation recordings are peerless: they deliver me from the demons of my self-destructive thoughts and transport me to a special place where I can accept myself, my life and the net result of all my good and bad decisions, just as they are.


Simon, Manchester

There really are no words to describe what true happiness is until you meet Duncan.


What you see is what you get and I simply cannot recommend him highly enough.


Nazia Haque



I contacted Duncan to explore with him some long standing family issues that were permeating into all areas of my life. This impacted on my relationships, my job, my health, and my general well being. Together we gently and sensitively explored the root cause and even though I knew this had the potential to be an incredibly painful experience - I was happy to trust Duncan. The hypnotherapy process itself was so thoughtful and reassuring - I need not have worried. I am delighted to say that the issues are now no more... I feel extremely positive about my life going forward, and I am so grateful that I found Duncan and had the courage to work with him. I cannot thank him enough. I would confidently recommend him to anyone (and have already done so!).




I undertook reiki levels 1 and 2 in the early 2000s. I decided the time was right to undertake Reiki Master training and looked online to find someone to train me. I was very impressed with Duncan's website and my initial telephone discussion with him. I had a reiki session before I decided to go ahead with the training to make sure we would both be at ease. The training itself was on a one to one basis and it was excellent. Not only did Duncan provide very effective training, he also very generously shared a great deal of material that will support my future reiki practice. I am delighted to recommend Duncan to anyone embarking on reiki at any level.




I suffered for many months with tinnitus, having seen consultants and undergone a head scan, and buying various advertised healing products all to no avail. I contacted Duncan Meachin and gradually with his help my condition improved. His head and shoulder massages combined with the simple exercises he recommended have all but solved my tinnitus problem. Some occasional minor relapses, but I now know I can resolve them by using the exercises he showed me. My quality of life has greatly improved, and I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Meachin for other tinnitus suffers to try


Harold Power



"I was a little sceptical that hypnotherapy would really make me feel any different, however after just one session in the comfort of Duncan's living room I was proven to have been so wrong in my thinking. The techniques and words Duncan uses give incredible results. It isn't for a short term period either as he taught me how and what to do when ever I felt the need to just take a time out. 10 minutes every now and then using Duncan's techniques and instruction makes all the difference to my well being and how I am able to function much better when at times things maybe start to get on top of me. Highly recommended Duncan is passionate and believes in everything he himself instils in you. Duncan has made all the difference...."


Ian Lisle



"Having suffered with work related stress for over 25 years, I am so grateful to Duncan for his excellent treatment which has given me some superb techniques to relieve what has been a crippling condition. Since seeing Duncan I have been promoted at work and am 100% more confident and in control."





"From the moment I met Duncan I felt a genuine warmth and deep caring from him. I have seen Duncan twice now and from the first session a lifelong issue I had been carrying around with me is no longer having an effect.


Duncan is now helping me with weight loss and after just one session my relationship with food appears to be changing for the better.


Duncan helped me through hypnosis for which I thoroughly recommend and thank him."


Colleen Atkinson



"I started smoking at a young age mainly when I was with my friends and boyfriend at the time, I started to get addicted nearly straight away and I really regretted my first cigarette."

"I went to visit Duncan for hypnotherapy to help me stop smoking, I can happily say I haven’t smoked a cigarette since Duncan hypnotised me,"






  "Thank you for helping me to realise that I am more than I used to believe I could be!"


  Marcel Sousa


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