Party Time
Whatever the event make it memorable with this fantastic value package.


Private Parties

Parties of 4 – 8 people.



Each person will have a Reflexology or Indian Head Massage....


...Then a joint Reiki power demonstration, where you all get to feel your own aura, and maybe even move each other without touching!


...finally a Past Life Regression taster, where you see what you were, and what you did in a former life, after which we have a chat about your experience.




I will come to your house or workplace in the afternoon or evening, then the fun can begin! The Reflexology or Indian Head Massage take approx 15 -20 minutes each, the Reiki takes about 45 minutes and the Past Life Regression lasts about an hour, and all this for £30 per person.


I can also arrange for an Oracle Card reader to come along at a small extra charge, please ask for further details.


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