This flushes the lymphatic system which relaxes muscles and relieves tension within the muscle fibres of the neck and head.


Indian Head Massage induces relaxation and helps to calm feelings of irritability or edginess, thus promoting a feeling of well-being and calm.


Condition of the skin and hair is improved due to the increased flow of nutrients and oxygen rich blood. Toxins within the muscles and skin are removed, neck and shoulder stiffness and tension are eased and there is an increase in oxygen to the brain allowing clarity of thought.


Stress levels are lowered.


Indian Head Massage can help promote hair growth and also relieves a range of ailments including; eye strain,tinnitus, jaw ache, sinus congestion and insomnia.

This treatment can be given at home or in the work place.




Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage works by massaging the shoulders, neck, scalp and face.


Regular massage helps strengthen the immune system and this in turn will bring your stress levels down.


Massage improves muscle tone and balance and also helps to increase joint mobility by reducing the physical stress placed on bones and joints.


Massage can also improve circulation which is beneficial to all parts of the body’s systems and organs; the increase in circulation of oxygen rich blood to the skin improves nutrition to the cells, encouraging regeneration, elasticity and resistance to infection.


Additionally massage helps to reduce pain by the release of endorphins.








Besides a standard Full Body Massage, I offer a variety of other

types of massage techniques:


Deep Tissue Massage  - Ideal for people who do a lot of training, the

massage helps to clear the lactic acid build up and helps soothe tired


Swedish Massage - a general body massage, soothing and relaxing.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - a very light massage, concentrating

on clearing the lymphatic system, helping the body to purge itself of


Special Holistic Body Massage - Using aromatherapy oils this massage

covers you from head to toe also with acupressure on the face and head

along with reiki healing, the complete massage lasts seventy minutes.















Body Massage....

There are many good reasons to get a massage:


• Reduces lower back pain and other bodily aches

• Helps sooth infants and promotes digestion

• Increases range of motion in joints

• Decreases illness-related fatigue

• Calms aggressive behaviours

• Decreases depression and helps to promote a healthy mind

• Helps your immunity by increasing white blood cell counts

• Improves recovery after post-operative surgery

• Alleviates age-related disorders

• Sleep disorders

Physical Benefits


During massage therapy, the massage therapist works the tension out of stiff and sore muscles, encouraging their patient to relax. This may help the person receiving the massage on many levels: his muscles feel relaxed and are no longer sore, he is relaxed and no longer tense, and the muscles loosen, allowing a larger range of motion.

A study performed on university dance students demonstrated that the dancers had improved in range of motion, mood, balance, posture, and performed better.



Emotional Benefits


As certain muscles are massaged, emotions may be released. The kneading motions combined with heat and or aromatherapy cause a person to relax, releasing tension. Stress and tension is often rubbed away with any aches or pains in the body.



Physiological Benefits


Studies performed by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami indicated that the immune systems improved in children who were massaged daily by their parents; the children's white blood cell (neutrophils) counts increased. Therapeutic massage is used as a treatment for many illnesses and during the recovery period after surgery.

Scientists believe that this deep, healing massage triggers the release of certain chemicals in the body that helps you combat illnesses and speeds recovery.

Massage helps the body to rid itself of toxins and impurities which make you stiff, sore and lethargic.


Removal of these toxins (with lymph drainage) will enable your body to function better.

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